Secondary academy in Surrey


Stuart Maginnis is the Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) at Weydon School in Surrey

Stuart and his team previously used Excel spreadsheets to monitor compliance. They now use Compliance Tracker to stay on top of all their compliance tasks and to ensure that they are working in a collectively robust way.

Stuart says that the ease of the system is a big plus. "Information is presented in a bullet point format, which is very easy to read, and there are links to further resources, which are very helpful when looking at an area in depth.”

He also values the fact that workload can be easily allocated to various colleagues, both within the senior team and beyond.

Using Compliance Tracker has had a positive impact on Stuart’s workload and he says that it is particularly valuable to “have all the information in one place for evidence.” He also likes the fact that you can easily produce reports on progress which can be shared with the governing body in meetings.

He adds, “I would recommend Compliance Tracker to colleagues. I love the idea that if Ofsted came, you don’t have to get into lots of spreadsheets to find out the answers. You can just show them the tool. It’s also great to know that if the DSL left the school tomorrow, this work wouldn’t fall apart, as there are multiple people in the know.”

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