Primary school in Tower Hamlets

Primary in tower Hamlets


Lissa Samuel is the Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead at Cayley Primary School in Tower Hamlets.

She decided to use Compliance Tracker ahead of an Ofsted inspection and has found it very clear and easy to use. She thought that it was particularly useful in enabling her to easily share her data with inspectors in order to demonstrate compliance in different areas.

Currently, four members of her senior leadership team have used the tool and found it useful, including the Finance Manager and Deputy Headteacher. She also hopes to introduce her Premises Manager and five assistant heads to Compliance Tracker.

Lissa has found the tool useful in enabling her to share data with her LA Health and Safety representative and wants to work with the LA so they use the reports produced on Compliance Tracker, rather than her having to fill out additional documentation on compliance for local requirements.

Lissa would recommend the tool to colleagues in other schools. She says, “It gives me lots of confidence in knowing that we’re on top of our compliance tasks. I can easily go back and check the data on a given area when needed. I really like the fact that the policy review cycle is all in one place and I find the email alerts very useful, as they remind me when particular areas need reviewing.”

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