Infant school in Essex

Manor Infants

Alan Robinson is a Deputy Head at Manor Infants School in Essex. He uses Compliance Tracker alongside his colleague Deb Gurden, also a Deputy Head.

Alan and Deb previously used spreadsheets to monitor compliance, alongside KeyDoc templates from The Key.

They have found the new tool from The Key particularly useful in enabling them to store all of their compliance data in one place. Alan’s initial impressions of the product is that it is ‘easy to navigate and easy to use’. He also found it trustworthy and reassuring, and he felt that it gave him peace of mind, as he knew that the information would always be up to date.

Compliance Tracker has already helped Alan to save time, but he says that “the greatest value lies in finding things you didn’t know you should be looking for.” He finds it useful to have links through to other articles from The Key, which give him further information on a given policy or area of compliance.

The emails reminding him about tasks that still need to be completed, are also very handy.

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