School policy and document audit

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If you're worried about school policies, you are not alone. Every school leader gets anxiety about whether they are compliant and the implications of failing to meet statutory requirements.

Not every school leader knows that there are more than 30 mandatory documents you need to have in place. Even fewer know of an easy way to check whether their policies meet legal requirements and to keep on top of review dates.

Compliance Tracker is here to help. Follow these steps to conduct your policy audit today.

Conduct your audit

Time: 2 hours

Number of requirements: 31 (maintained) 33 (academies)

1. Go to the 'Policies and documents' area
2. Make yourself the owner of the area via the drop down menu
3. Go to the first requirement and read through the details
4. Find your policy, check whether it's compliant and ....

  • ✔ Set status to Compliant and upload the document in 'Evidence'
  • ✘ Not to worry. Set the status to Not compliant until you have reviewed it (you'll find the requirement on your to-do list)

5. Repeat for the next requirement

Start your policy audit

Members of The Key will be taken to the policies and documents area

Once you're done you'll have:

  • Peace of mind that your policies and documents are compliant
  • Practical know how about what to do if they are not
  • Access to a downloadable report detailing your compliance to give to inspectors and governors (view sample)

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