Your GDPR compliance tracking tool

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Use Compliance Tracker, free with membership of The Key for School Leaders, to record your journey to GDPR compliance, and stay compliant once it's in force.

Why track GDPR compliance?

  • You have a legal duty to protect the personal data you use about pupils in your care
  • If there's a data breach at your school, you must be able to demonstrate the steps you've taken to comply with the regulation
  • Governors and trustees are ultimately responsible for your school's compliance, and your board will want to see evidence that you're managing this 

Here's how Compliance Tracker will help

  • No legalese - Get a plain-English breakdown of everything the law requires you to do
  • A record you can rely on - Store evidence of the steps you've taken to become compliant with each requirement
  • No missed deadlines - Set review dates, and get an email notification when you next need to check in on your compliance
  • Easy reporting - Download up-to-date compliance reports to share with governors and inspectors

Start tracking your GDPR compliance