School website audit

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A school website check is usually an inspector's first task during Ofsted inspection. You can use Compliance Tracker to audit your own site and ensure that your school will pass. Compliance Tracker is completely free to members of The Key for School Leaders.

How to conduct your audit

Time: 45 minutes

Number of requirements: 19 (maintained), 21 (academies)

1. Go to the 'School website' area

2. Make yourself the owner of the area via the drop down menu

3. Go to the first requirement and read through the details

4. Go to your own website, find the page, check whether it's compliant and:

  • ✔ Set status to 'Compliant' and add a link to the document in 'Evidence'
  • ✘ Not to worry. Set the status to 'Not compliant' until it's fixed (you'll find the requirement on your to-do list)

5. Repeat for the next requirement

Start your audit

Once you're finished, you'll have:

  • Peace of mind that your website is compliant and inspection ready
  • Practical know how about what to do if it is not
  • Access to a downloadable report detailing your compliance to give to inspectors and governors (view sample)

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